Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Thoughts On Staying Focused... Or The Inability To!

I am currently at work, on break of course, and I am feeling so scatter-brained. I am having a super difficult time remaining focused today...

I failed to mention in my first blog that I am super passionate about reading, the library was essentially my favorite place to go as a child.

Anyhow (see what I mean regarding my inability to focus?), as of lately, I have been reading the most lovely book. I even stayed up past ten o'clock to continue reading further last night, utter craziness, I know!

So where is all of this going, you may wonder... I am at work, surrounded by adorable munchkins and all I can think about is this book. It never fails to amuse me when that happens, the power of the written word.

So here I am, on break, in the teachers' lounge thinking about how I wish I had that book with me, haha. I should be thanking my dear friend Bridget who lent me this wonderful story to begin with!

Ever felt the same way? What book occupied your thoughts?

I think that will be it for me for now, perhaps I will write more on this topic later and reveal the mystery of what book has me so... distracted!

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